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The Catholic Advantage

A Catholic Education is an Advantage for Life. We exist to enrich the Catholic Community, and invite everyone to become active disciples of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the foundation for our community, the Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. His call to teach is our inspiration; His image the model for our students. In partnership with parents, we prepare our students to become full and active members of the Catholic Church, to serve others, and to make a difference in the world. We commit our schools to provide a quality education so that a Catholic Education is an Advantage for Life. 

  • Build a Community of Faith. We exist to enrich the Catholic community, and invite everyone to become active disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Understand Their Gifts. We encourage all students towards excellence, but most importantly to use their gifts and talents in service to others.
  • Integrate the Teachings of the Church. We provide a unique opportunity for students to experience the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to bring Catholic beliefs and values into their lives and the world.
  • Promote Parish Life. We actively work to enhance the lives of Catholic parish communities.
  • Foster Respect. We teach respect for self and others, qualities that develop into discipline and good behavior.
  • Lead by Example. We are spiritually committed and professionally prepared so that we can lead by example, and also show our special concern for each student.
  • Appreciate Parents. We recognize parents as the primary educators of the students in our care; we encourage their active role in our schools and parishes, and we appreciate their support.
  • Share Governance. We seek community participation from those who share our vision, mission and goals.
  • Offer Our Schools. While we exist first for the Catholic community, we open our schools to all children who can benefit and to the extent that resources allow.
  • Express Concern for Others. We have a special concern for the poor and disenfranchised.
  • Invest With Care. We use our resources wisely to ensure quality, and to be affordable to parents and our Church.