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11th Grade: Junior Year

The junior year is when students should seriously begin examining their college options. Juniors should take college tests, make college visits, and start searching for scholarships.
  1. Continue to monitor academic progress. Since most college applications are completed in the fall of a student's senior year, the last grades on a student's transcript are usually his junior year grades. Junior year grades are, therefore, the most important grades in high school.
  2. Encourage involvement in activities and the development of leadership skills.
  3. Have your son register for the PSAT/NMSQT in October. The PSAT/NMSQT is a national test that's administered by high schools in October. It is divided into five sections: two Critical Reading, two Math and one Writing. College bound juniors should take the PSAT/NMSQT for the following reasons: It is good practice for the SAT, It gives students an idea of how they will score on the SAT, Students can see how their academic skills compare to those of other college bound students, Students whose scores are exceptionally high are recognized by the National Merit Foundation. This recognition can lead to scholarships.
  4. Think about and explore college options. Naviance is a great tool to complete this task.
  5. Make sure your son registers for the ACT and/or the SAT early in the spring.
  6. Make college visits.
  7. Select courses for the 12th grade. In February of the student's junior year, review the four-year high school plan, and make sure that your child selects the most appropriate courses for his senior year. Encourage the student to think about taking an Advanced Placement (AP).
  8. Look for scholarships.
  9. The student should update their activities list.
  10. Meet with the high school counselor to go over the student's record and to discuss college planning.
  11. Help choose meaningful activities for the summer.
  12. Narrow the list of college choices.
  13. Students at Bishop Mora Salesian High School should use their school email address in order to communicate with colleges.