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12th Grade: Senior Year

The senior year is when everything comes together, and students see the rewards of their hard work and planning.
  1. Continue to monitor academic progress.
  2. Continue to explore college options and set up a calendar for the year. Use a calendar to record test dates, application deadlines, college visitation days, etc.
  3. Have your son sign up for the ACT (September, October or December) or SAT (September, October, November) if necessary.
  4. Oversee completion of college applications.
  5. Complete financial aid and scholarship application forms ( 
  6. Seniors should notify their counselor(s) of where they have been accepted to by late April.  
Bishop Mora Salesian High CEEB Code Number:  051554
Los Angeles County Code:  06037 
Additional Information:
There are many different types of financial aid.
  • Scholarships and Grants: money that does not have to be repaid. (Note:  Some are given as a "one-time"gift while others are renewable if students meet certain criteria.)
  • Loans: money that can be borrowed by students and/or parents.(Note: Some loans are subsidized by federal or state programs, which can reduce the interest rate and/or defer payments for a length of time. Compare the total costs of each loan.)
  • Work-Study: schools may offer work on campus as a type of financial aid.(Note: not all work-study is created equal. A job in the food service may pay the same as assisting in a laboratory, but students should consider ways work on campus could provide career-related experiences.
  • Other: students have other opportunities to supplement their educational finances. Participation in the military, ROTC, AmeriCorps, and other programs can provide funds or forgiveness of educational loans.