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Welcome to the Official Salesian Yearbook Page! This page has been designed to help you stay up-to-date with the SHS Yearbook status. At the end of the year we hope you are all satisfied with our finish product. Remember to visit this page frequently. 

About Us 
Yearbook is an elective course with beginning, advanced, and intern levels in which students learn the techniques and principles of yearbook journalism, the graphic principles of layout and design, and the fundamentals of managing a small business. The goal of the staff is to produce a creative, and unique book on time and within a budget; foster student growth in journalism and graphic design; develop leadership skills; and provide experience in business management.    
We're located in the third floor computer lab. 
Our phone number is 323-261-7124 ext 229
Semester 1 & 2, Period 2
Contact me at                                      Smile, you are on candid camera, Pearl Parker