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2020 Challenge Grant - Tuition Assistance

We are thrilled to announce that Salesian High School has secured a $75,000 challenge grant to assist with this year’s financial aid efforts! Ninety five percent (95%) of families at Salesian receive some form of need based tuition assistance, and the COVID-19 pandemic has placed significant additional financial strain on many of our families. This grant will prevent families from leaving our school due to financial difficulties.
Our challenge grant MATCHES EVERY DONATION to Salesian High School, up to an overall total of $75,000, from now until November 15, 2020. Our hope is that we will be able to report back to our donor that we fully utilized this gift to secure a grand total of $150,000 in tuition assistance for our students by the time we are done!
To participate in this effort, please visit our giving page by clicking on the "Give Now" heading at the top right side of this page. We have set up special giving links for COVID-19 Emergency Fund, Club 1958, and our annual fund. You can also click on the link below and be redirected to our annual fund page. All donors will be listed below and updated as we receive donations.
Thank you for your continued support of the young men at Salesian High School!
2020 Challenge Grant Donor Honor Roll
Total gifts from July 1st to September 29, 2020: $36,158
Top alumni classes:
1) Class of 1968: $20,000
2) Class of 1967: $2,756.74
3) Class of 1983: $2,450
4) Class of 1978: $1,508
5) Class of 1964: $1,150
Donors as of September 29, 2020
Full Name Grad Year  
Anonymous 1963  
Daniel J Cadena 1963  
Joe Caldera 1964 Board
Francisco Gutierrez 1964  
Victor Rubio 1964  
Benjamin Vega 1965  
Carlos Uribe 1965  
Christopher Westhoff 1967 Board
Jim Ventress 1967 Board
Efren Hidalgo 1967  
Robert Godinez 1967  
Victor Martinez 1967  
Artemio Navarro 1968  
Dolores Beltran (IHO Phil '68) 1968  
Eddie Vigil 1969  
Jose Mesa 1969  
Ruben Moralez 1969  
Moses Valenzuela 1970  
Ricardo Yanez 1970  
Hector Araujo 1971  
Randy Zozaya 1971  
Michael Saiki 1973  
Robert Lopez 1973  
Tom Loera, Sr. 1973  
Xavier Ramos 1973  
Joseph Lopez 1974 Staff
George Magallanes 1974  
Felipe Rodriguez 1976  
Steven Jimenez 1976  
Alonso Silva Jr. 1978 Board
Sergio Perez 1978  
Amado Diaz 1980  
Leo Bautista 1981  
Samuel Diaz 1982  
Daniel Zurita 1983  
Sam Espinoza 1985 Board
Juan Munoz 1985  
Refugio Lopez 1989 Board
Luis Marquez 1994 Board
Alex Chacon 1994 Staff
Roberto Moreno 1994  
David Moreno 1996  
Anthony Moreno 1997  
Moises Delgado 1997  
Roque Santana 1997  
Marcos Aguirre 1998  
Martin Ramirez 1998  
Omar Martinez 1999  
Elias Moreno 2000  
George Ramirez 2001  
Tommy Loera Jr. 2004 Staff
Ivan Rafael 2008  
Patrick Crespo 2010 Staff
Samuel Andalon 2014  
Daniel Meunier 2019  
Daniel Raya-Heras 2019  
Maurice Gonzalez-Sandoval 2019  
Anonymous   Friend
Anthony Monroy   Friend
Ariel Bellofiore   Friend
Centurioni Family   Friend
Fernando Saldivar   Friend
Gail Luevano   Friend
Guadalupe V Arteaga   Friend
Mercedes Andalon   Friend
Aloni Bonilla   Staff
Mark Johnson   Staff
Thomas Jackson   Staff