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Welcome to campus ministry where we focus on ministering to our students via retreats, daily prayer, student body weekly and monthly mass. Come join us and make your Salesian years memorable as we focus on Salesian as church.
Mr. Leo Ibarra
Director of Campus Ministry

Our Campus Ministry Program

Religious Education Program

“Without religion there is no true knowledge, nor morality, nor education.” - St. John Bosco 

A central purpose of Bishop Mora Salesian High School is to provide religious ideals and principles to the young men who make up the student body. Salesian teaches the Catholic/Christian way of life, which recognizes that man is created by God and, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, is destined to return to God by the proper use of time and talents given by God. All students take aReligious Studies course each semester. These courses seek to go beyond the acquisition of mere religious facts to a deeper understanding of the Christian faith as it is expressed not only in word but also in action. Several opportunities exist for students to participate in Campus Youth Ministry, they include: Liturgy and Worship, Retreats, and Christian Service Programs. It is a graduation requirement for all students to attend one retreat per year as well as perform Christian Service hours as directed by their religion teachers.

Salesian Spirituality
Da mihi animas, catera tolle..."Give me souls,take away the rest" was the motto of Don Bosco when describing his work with the young.  The Salesian gift to theChurch is its unswerving focus on the betterment of each young person through the education of the whole person. Salesian High School continues the work of Don Bosco seeking to educate the young in Boyle Heights.  Therefore an education at Salesian High School has as its primary focus the building of aChristian family that has as its ultimate aim the education of the young in order for them "to become good citizens of this world and the next." It is through a Salesian style of reason, religion, and loving kindness that the school builds community and enables that community to educate the young.  By reason, we mean an awareness of the concerns and preoccupations of the young through a process of dialogue that promotes a sense of equality and mutual growth.  By religion, we mean our persona lrelationships with God that keeps us mindful of relationships with others.  By loving kindness, we mean a lovingness to a degree where the young know they are loved.