Bishop Mora Salesian High School is blessed with the generosity of benefactors that continue to make a Salesian High School education a reality through scholarship for the young men entrusted to our care.  All scholarships at Salesian High School are need-based, and require proof of income eligibility determined during the financial aid process each year.
The school makes every effort to meet the needs of all students.  Student participation in foundation grants, with the exception of tuition assistance through the Catholic Education Foundation, is determined through the school's financial aid process.
If you are interested in establishing a funded scholarship at Salesian High School, please contact Mr. Alex Chacon, President, at (323) 261-7124.

Catholic Education Foundation Tuition Awards Program (CEF)
The Catholic Education Foundation provides tuition awards to eligible students in the amount of $2,000 per qualifying year.  The application process for returning student CEF awards typically begins in October of each school year.  Incoming freshmen from local Catholic schools may apply through their current schools.
Ahmanson Foundation: Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Program
Ahmanson Foundation grants provide grants to high-achieving, ethnically diverse students who otherwise cannot meet financial requirements for enrollment.  Funds are restricted to need-based financial aid awards determined during the school's financial aid process. 
Bill Hannon Foundation Scholarships
The Bill Hannon Foundation provides the school with an annual grant award to fund scholarships to academically outstanding students, deserving and worthy to receive financial aid.  To be considered for this scholarship, the student must have a 3.5 or higher grade point average.

Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Scholarships
The Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation awards are intended for students from families with limited financial resources and who are exemplary in Christian service and academics.  Students are awarded Doheny Foundation scholarship following an extensive review of a student's financial aid application.
Rose Hills Foundation Scholarships
The Rose Hills Foundation awards a yearly grant to the school to provide a cohort of "Rose Hills Scholars" with a four-year grant which begins in a student's freshman year.  Students are selected for participation in their freshman year based on financial information provided during the financial aid process and a desire to pursue a college education after high school.  Participants are reviewed each year and must maintain high academic marks every year.

Dr. Alfonso Paredes Memorial Scholarship
This named scholarship was established in 2018 for students demonstrating financial need and a desire to participate in assisting the elderly or members of the local community with special needs.  The scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Alfonso Paredes, who served as a psychiatrist and a founding member of Casa La Merced, which worked to serve the mental health, child care and housing needs of the underprivileged community in East Los Angeles.  Participation in this scholarship program requires that a student's Christian service hours be devoted to service toward people typically served through Casa La Merced's previous work. 
Artemio G. Navarro Scholarship
Alumnus Artemio Navarro established this scholarship in 2018 in memory of his father, Artemio G. Navarro, in partnership with Great Minds in STEM (GMIS) to graduating seniors entering a science, technology, engineering, or math field of study in college.  This scholarship provides funding for college expenses, at the discretion of the receiving scholarship recipient.  15 scholarships for graduating seniors are funded each year until 2028.
Philip Beltran Scholars Program
The Beltran Scholars Program was established by Dolores Beltran in memory of her late husband, and Salesian alumnus, Philip Beltran '68.  The renewable scholarship is awarded to four students in the graduating class of 2022 who demonstrate significant financial need and high academic achievement each year. 
Dominic Savio Scholarship
The Dominic Savio Scholarship was established in memory of St. Dominic Savio, an Italian student of St. John Bosco in Italy who displayed "heroic virtue" in his everyday life but died at an early age. This scholarship is awarded to students with demonstrated financial need and a 2.5 minimum grade point average every semester.
Minority Vines Scholarship
The Minority Vines Scholarship was established in 2018 to assist Salesian students with costs associated with the pursuit of a college education. Currently this scholarship will be awarded to college-bound graduating seniors.
Alumni Association Scholarship
The Alumni Association Scholarship was established by the Salesian High School Alumni Association to assist the school in funding tuition assistance for students enrolled at Salesian High School with demonstrated financial need.  
In recognition of their many achievements while enrolled as students, alumni classes may establish scholarships to be awarded to current students with financial need. 
Class of 1999 Scholarship
The Class of 1999 Scholarship was established by members of the class of 1999 at their 20th high school reunion.  This scholarship is awarded to a "spirited" student with demonstrated financial need as determined through the school's financial aid process.