Bishop Mora
Salesian High School
College Preparatory

Parent Volunteer Hours

Parent Volunteer and Donation Opportunities

Monday-Friday maintenance from 7:30 am - 2pm 


Winter Formal February 1st: 5 volunteers needed, must call to sign up 


KAIROS: Gas or Costco Gift card by February 14th 


Case of White copy paper (10 reams) (extra hours)



Donations needed by January 25th:

10-cases Water 

Cases Gatorade

Cases Soda Coke & Sprite

Bags of Variety Chocolates 




Other Donations;



Lysol Wipes

Cases of Soda Cans COKE/SPRITE/PEPSI

Box of Variety Chips (no hot cheetos)

Boxes of Variety Cookies

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Reams of colored paper (Fluorescent or Pastel Colors)

Case of White copy paper (10 reams)

Hand Sanitizers 


Clear Sheet Protectors 

Cases of Small Water bottles





 Other Donations 

Gift Cards: Costco, VISA, Office Depot, Home Depot, ..ect.

For Parent Service Hours and Donation Information, please contact
Mrs. Maria Concho at the main office at (323) 261-7124