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Get Involved

WE’RE BACK! Yes, after more than seventy weeks, we can come back to our Home, our School, our Church, our Playground. The last sixteen months have challenged all of us in so many ways that we could not begin to fathom. As we emerge from this dreadful pandemic, we are reminded that our faith and our Salesian philosophy of Reason, Religion, and Loving-kindness transcends throughout any loss, fear, or uncertainty. 


As we return to campus, so does the spirit and fun of rallies, dances, innovative clubs, leadership organizations, and the famous student section at our athletic games. Our student body is in good hands with the leadership and support of our newly elected ASB executive and class officers. Under their leadership, Salesian’s student life will once again become legendary, and we will continue to make long-lasting memories. 


Students, I encourage you to come back to the fun. Come back with high hopes and a prayerful heart filled with great optimism. All of you are ready to have fun, and your energy is needed. I need all of you back in The Stampede! 

Join us in this new fantastic journey as we stand together in unity and solidarity. 


We are a Salesian family--today, tomorrow, and forever!

God bless you always in all ways, 


Robert L. Burke
Director of Student Activities