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Dance Policy

Formal Dances (Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom)

Bishop Mora Salesian High School sponsors occasional formal and informal dances during the school year.  Specific policies related to dances are as follows:

  1. No one will be admitted to Salesian dances after 9:30 PM. The administrator (Activities Director) on duty will handle any exceptions that evening.
  2. No one will be allowed to leave the dance before 11:00 PM unless picked-up by a parent/guardian.
  3. Students leaving the dance will not be allowed to return (this includes making telephone calls).
  4. Students are NOT permitted to loiter in the parking lot before, during, or after the dance.
  5. The dances will end at 11:45 PM unless there has been a prior announcement (and the band or DJ has a one-half hour to clear their equipment.)
For more information, please contact Mr. Burke in the Activities Office at [email protected]