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Application Process

Application Process for the Incoming Freshman Class of 2026

  1. Attend Open House (Sunday, November 14th)
  2. Complete Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) financial aid application by (January 22, 2022) 
  3. Register for the High School Placement Test at Salesian
  4. Complete Salesian High School  ONLINE APPLICATION (Please provide:  Letters of Recommendation, STAR testing and 6th, 7th, 8th grade transcript) by the application deadline
  5. Attend Incoming Freshmen Interviews with Parent or Guardian (February 5th-By Appointment)
The Admissions office will issue Notification of Acceptance on March 4, 2022
Application Process for Sophomores and Juniors
*Note: Seniors will be considered under case by case basis*
1. Complete the application form
2. Forward a copy of an unofficial transcript
3. Forward a letter of recommendation from your current school
4. Once items 1-3 are complete, Mr. Lopez will schedule an interview with the applicant and parent/guardian