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Parents Code of Conduct and Sportsmanship

Salesian High School recognizes the parents as the primary educators of their son. Therefore, parents will be asked to share in the athletic educational experience. We would like to “pursue victory with honor” together. We need the parents to be solid role models at all athletic contests, practices and any related athletic activities. This is important for your son and the other student-athletes in the school to observe. Please join us in exhibiting proper sportsmanship keeping in mind the following expectations:
  • Adhere to all sportsmanship guidelines set forth in the Salesian High School Student-Parent Guide, the Santa Fe League Constitution, and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) bluebook.
  • Applaud during the introduction of players, coaches and officials.
  • Accept ALL decisions of officials. No booing or heckling!
  • Assist cheerleaders by only giving positive school yells. Do not indulge in name-calling or use disrespectful, derogatory yells or chants.
  • Treat competition as a game, not a war.
  • Refrain from responding to opposing teams spectators’ negative comments. “They started it by saying negative things towards us and our kids!” This will not help the situation; it will only elevate the animosity.
  • Do not use any sort of noisemakers at any time. Do not distract participants from either team by yelling out when they have the ball or when they are shooting free throws.
  • Applaud at the end of the contest for all performances of all participants, as they shake hands with each other, regardless of the contest outcome.
  • Show concern for injured players regardless of team affiliation.
  • Encourage people around you to display proper sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Refrain from displays of anger or use of profanity during a game.
  • Refrain from blaming the loss of contest on officials, coaches, or participants. Leave with positive attitude.
  • Refrain from approaching coaches with issues and / or complaints on days of contests, especially when you are upset. Call coach and make an appointment for another day. This will always produce a better outcome. Remember, playing time is NOT a valid point of contention.
  • Show appreciation and encouragement for coaches and student-athletes, especially after lost contests.
  • Do not come to any athletic contest under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Furthermore, do not ever consume alcohol and / or drugs on the campus premises. Note: this is a horrible example for your son and will only lead to embarrassment and frustration, as well as being ejected from the contest.
  • Do not coach or give direction during any contest or practice. This undermines the objectives of the coaches and embarrasses your son. Furthermore, try to also support the coaches at home. “Those coaches don’t know what they are doing!” This only leads to confusion of your son.
  • When approached by a faculty member and / or administrator please listen to their needs and be cooperative. Do not become confrontational or non-cooperative.  
***If any of these expectations are not met at any time, you may be banned from future athletic events and your son may jeopardize his status on his athletic team.