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Associated Student Body (ASB)

Dear Mustangs,

It is with great honor to welcome you all back to your home, Salesian, where brotherhood is the embodiment of our culture. As our school undergoes promising change, I am optimistic that we will discover the apex of balance, inclusive of academic rigor, a playful environment, and a structure that promotes efficiency and bolsters our school spirit.

High school is a short-lived, four year experience, and if there is anything that I could impart on this school, would be to make Salesian a truly ethereal experience. Anecdotal encounters with my classmates make it evident that our dances are in need of a revamp. Our pep rallies are synonymous; redecorating the past events along with the incorporation of your ideas are a priority. Tethering the gap between the ASB and the students are the end game.

This upcoming year, let us plan together, branch from the norm, and make our school spirit prominent again. Seniors, I understand the vitality of this year and how important the dances are for you. Juniors, as an upperclassman, you have the ability to ameliorate Salesian’s spiritual environment . Sophomores, no longer will you be living vicariously in the upper-class men's shadows. You have the say to make a difference. Freshmen, this is the chance for you all to dabble in our Salesian culture and truly experience a great beginning to your four year tenure.

We will ensure your voices are heard; we will include your principles to make this school not only a home, but a Mustangs’ home. We only have one high school experience, let’s make it a memorable one.

Go Mustangs!

Nathan Vuong, ASB President