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Character & Formation "Dean's Office"

Bishop Mora Salesian High School practices Don Bosco's preventive system of education based upon reason, religion and kindness.  In light of this unique system, we regard conduct as a code for moral guidance.  The primary purpose of discipline is to promote genuine development of a student's capabilities and to promote respect for self and for others.

We attempt to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. We consider discipline to be only one aspect of our attempt to develop good character.  We attempt to assist the ethical growth in students.  As such, discipline aids in spiritual and moral development.  Discipline is administered in such a way as to help our students to eventually and freely choose right rather than wrong, good rather than evil, order rather than chaos, and virtue rather than vice.

Discipline by parents and teachers must be administered justly, firmly and intelligently.  To do this, our motives must always stem from charity - never from outrage, emotions or exasperation.  Parents and teachers are expected to work together and be consistent.  Discipline is considered to be in evidence when pupils work in cooperation with each other, with teachers, and with the school administration in order to attain the objectives of the class and the school.