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Club 1958

Welcome to the Club 1958 page!
Club 1958 is Salesian High School’s official recurring giving society. When you join Club 1958, you join a special group of alumni and friends stepping up each month to support Salesian’s critical role in the lives of our young men. Together we can make sure that more young men get to experience the Salesian brotherhood on a campus equipped to provide our students with an exceptional experience of “home, school, church, and playground.” 

Club 1958 will provide the school with resources to expand the financial aid budget, update educational technology, improve curricular and extra-curricular programs, and grow an endowment to ensure Salesian’s long term success. All alumni who join Club 1958 by the Feast of St. John Bosco of 2018 (January 31) will be considered Founding Members. 
Sign up for Club 1958 by using the following link: