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Salesian offers a college preparatory program of studies that exceeds the University of California/ California State University A – G entrance requirements. The curriculum provides a solid foundation for continuing education and for career development. Students are counseled and placed in courses based upon placement examination results, previous academic performance, and personal choice.

Salesian also provides students with the opportunity to take advanced courses through the College Board’s AP program. Courses are offered based on the enrollment projections and registration for each class and may be cancelled in any given year due to low enrollment. Each student who takes an AP course will incur added course expenses. Each AP course has a separate fee and is billed to student accounts. At the end of the school year, students who take an AP course are administered an AP exam and are charged an AP Class fee of $100 ($75 with fee waiver). (Note this fee is subject to change and is charged by the AP College Exam Board and is non-­refundable). Parents should note, those AP courses are offered to allow students to take an AP exam, which if passed, may receive college credit. For this reason, these courses require more resources thus incurring an additional fee. Only those students enrolled in AP classes may take AP examinations.