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Freshman Honors Program

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Freshman Honors at Entrance Program


Bishop Mora Salesian High School offers an academic honors program for incoming freshmen to join at the start of their high school careers. The honors program consists of a combination of honors and AP courses that students will take during their freshman through senior years. The honors program will be academically rigorous, and will further develop students' overall skills in writing, critical thinking, communication, and reading. Students will begin their freshman year by taking honor courses in English, Biology, and Math. In their sophomore year, students will take honors English and AP Seminar along with AP World History. Junior year students will take AP US History, AP English Language, AP Research and have the opportunity to take two college-prep electives. Senior year students will take AP Literature, AP US Government, AP Microeconomics, and three college-prep electives. The college prep electives range from additional AP courses, honor courses, PLTW engineering courses, and more college prep elective courses. Students in the honors program will have the opportunity to also take advanced summer courses in Math through our partnership with the ELAC Dual Enrollment program.

The breakdown for each year of the academic honors program is as follows:

Freshman Year:

Theology 1, Honors Composition 1 & 2, Honors Biology, Honors Algebra 1 or Geometry, Spanish 1, AP Human Geography, and Visual and Performing Arts Elective.


Summer School Entering Sophomore Year: Geometry or Algebra 2, ELAC Dual Enrollment Course

Sophomore Year:

Theology 2, Literature/Composition 2 Honors, Honors Chemistry, Honors Algebra 2 or Pre-calculus, AP World History, Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 Honors, and AP Seminar


Summer School Entering Junior Year: Pre-calculus (if wanting to advance in math), ELAC Dual Enrollment Course

Junior Year:

Theology 3, AP English Language, AP US History, AP Research, Pre-calculus or AP Calculus AB, the third year of lab science (either an AP science course, PLTW engineering course, or college prep science course), and Spanish 3 (Honors)/AP Spanish Language.


Summer School Entering Senior Year: ELAC Dual Enrollment Course

Senior Year:

Theology 4, AP English Literature, AP US Government/AP Microeconomics, AP Calculus or AP Calculus BC, and 3 college prep elective courses.