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9th Grade: Freshman Year

When a student becomes a freshman at Bishop Mora Salesian High School, the road to graduation begins. Freshman grades are used in determining a student's GPA, and freshman courses, grades, and credits all become part of a student's transcript. 
  1. Monitor Academic Progress. 
  2. Encourage involvement in a wide variety of activities. Encourage your son to participate in activities outside of school and to also do some volunteer work. Most college and scholarship applications ask students to list their high school activities. Many applications also ask for evidence of leadership. Tip: During a student's freshman year, the student should start keeping a record of all his activities. This information will be very helpful later when he is required to list activities and honors on college and scholarship applications.
  3. Help the student select appropriate 10th grade courses. In February of the student's freshman year, review the four-year high school plan, and make sure that your child selects the most appropriate courses for his sophomore year.
  4. Plan meaningful summer activities.