Bishop Mora
Salesian High School
College Preparatory

Student iPad Collection

iPad Collection

All student iPads and chargers will be collected during the week of finals. Any outstanding issue(s) with your iPad, such as cracked screens or damaged dock ports, must be reported before the date listed above. Please notify Mr. Joe Lopez in the Computer Lab as soon as possible, about the care and condition of your iPad. If a student does not return their school-issued iPad on the date that is assigned, along with their charger, financial actions will be taken into account.

Additionally, if any of the Apple items listed above are not brought in, or replaced, then a payment or payments must be made to the Finance Office, no later than June 15th.

  • $30 for a missing school iPad USB cable and power adapter (iPhone or 3rd party chargers will not be accepted…it must be a school-issued product: Apple and/or Amazon)
  • $20 if only the school-issued iPad USB cable is missing
  • $20 if only the school-issued power adapter (brick) is missing
  • $150 if the iPad has a cracked screen
  • $500 if the iPad has been stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair

If any student or parent has any questions regarding any of this information, please feel free to contact

Mr. Joe Lopez at

School-issued iPads, chargers, and power cables will be collected on the following days by grade level:

Tuesday, June 4th - Freshmen

Wednesday, June 5th - Sophomores

Thursday, June 6th - Juniors

The school will reissue the same device and case when the students return in August 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact me at