Class of 2024 Schedule Pick up and Picture ID

Freshman Schedule Pick Up and Picture ID Schedule
Thursday, August 13 and Friday, August 14 3pm-6pm
Last name letters A-M your scheduled date is Thursday 8/13
Last name letters N-Z, your scheduled date is Friday 8/14
On this day, you will be picking up your class schedule and you will also have an opportunity to take your class ID photo. This photo will appear in the yearbook. Also, please make sure you are clean-shaven and remove any ear-piercings ahead of time. 
Please make sure you bring a white button down dress shirt and your school tie.  If you have not purchased your school tie yet, you can purchase it now in our bookstore or the day of your assigned appointment. The school tie is $35.
We are still waiting for the chromebooks to arrive-please keep the iPads with you until we send an update regarding the arrival of the Chromebooks.
On your assigned appointment date, you will also be able to purchase uniforms from our bookstore.
Please make sure that one of your parents arrives with you on your assigned appointment.
Upon arrival please adhere to the social distancing guidelines and make sure you bring your mask.  Our new Salesian masks and gaiters will be available for purchase as well.
Thank you and Go Mustangs!
-Mr. López

Contact Mr. A. López at with any questions!