Bishop Mora
Salesian High School
College Preparatory

Once a Mustang Monument - Show your Mustang Spirit!

Several years ago, sculptor and distinguished alumnus Dan Medina '86, in collaboration with the school administration, designed a beautiful 15-foot Mustang monument on behalf of every graduating class from Bishop Mora Salesian High School. A challenge was made for every graduating class to contribute in order to make this project a reality.  To date, we have been able to reach one-third of our goal but there is till time to make the full project a reality. 
The Mustang monument cannot be built without your support.  Current donations are currently only enough to mount the bust of the Mustang, but not the completed monument.  Individual donors are able to contribute toward their graduating class plaque or individual name plaques, depending on their contributions.  In addition to building the monument, money raised in excess of building costs will go toward the school's financial aid program.
feel free to contact Mark Johnson, Director of Development, at at (323) 261-7124