2017 Orientation Day Schedule


Thursday, August 10th 8am to 3pm


CLASS OF 2018 (Seniors) 8a–10:00a

CLASS OF 2019 (Juniors)  9:30a–11:30a 

CLASS OF 2020 (Sophomores)11:00a–1:30p

CLASS OF 2021 (Freshmen) 1:00p– 3:00p

Orientation Day Activities:

  • Pick up your Class Schedule
    • Missing a period? Looking to correct your schedule?  -  You can make schedule corrections today.
  • Take your Yearbook & Student ID Picture
    • You must wear your school tie and white shirt in order to take your picture on this day.
  • Stock Up at our Merchandise Sale
    • Purchase uniforms and other Salesian gear
  • Sell/Buy Used Books
    • Students are welcome to sell used books from 8am to 3pm.
    • Warning! Pick up a Required Textbook list to verify your sale/purchase.
Please note: Only those students that have received clearance from the finance office (first month's tuition paid or scheduled through the finance office) will be able to pick up their schedules.  Please contact the finance office if you have any questions.