Salesian Mariachi transmit "Cielito Lindo" into the International Space Station

Univision 34 invited the Mariachi Conservatory and the Salesian mariachi to their studios to surprise Astronaut Joe Acaba, math and science teacher aboard the International Space Station, on Thursday February 22nd.  NASA is celebrating their "Year of Education on Station" by inviting schools to get involved with the International Space Station. After a panel of school students finished a question and answer period via live feed with Astronaut Joe Acaba, The Mariachi Conservatory and Salesian Mariachi entered the studio performing "Cielito LIndo" through live feed, transmitting across space into the International Space Station.  This is the first known time that mariachi music has been transmitted live across the universe.  Salesian students Chris Polanco, Ralph Franco, Christian Farias, Anthony Navarro were nervous at first as they waited in the studio green room but were steadfast in the performance once the transmission went live.  It was a great and historical experience for our Salesian students!