Integral Student Outcomes


BELONGING (A Home that welcomes)

He is a young man who…

  • practices brotherhood and Salesian Family Spirit within the school and in the greater community.
  • values his dignity and the dignity of others.

LEARNING (A School that educates)

He is a young man who…

  • demonstrates critical thinking through multiple learning methodologies and technologies.
  • completes a college preparatory curriculum that satisfies the University of California admissions requirements.
  • uses academic and life experiences to develop individual talents and identity.

REFLECTING (A Parish that evangelizes)

He is a young man who…

  • models and reflects upon Christian faith and values in his life journey.
  • understands the Catholic Christian heritage and shares his faith with others.

CELEBRATING (A Playground where friends meet)

He is a young man who…

  • develops and shares his talents and celebrates the gifts of others.
  • pursues personal growth to extend community and brotherhood.