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Principal's Welcome

Dear Salesian High School Community,

It is a great honor to serve as principal of this school that we all love.  I look forward to working with all of you to make sure that Salesian truly is an amazing “home, school, church, and playground” for all who enter our doors.

Speaking of our doors…they opened in September of 1958 when Salesian’s first freshman class arrived on campus.  Sixty years later, the faculty and staff remain true to the original mission of the school. We seek to “love with abundance, teach with passion, and inspire with imagination” in the Catholic and Salesian traditions of reason, religion, and kindness.

As Salesian educators, our faculty and staff believe that education is a sacred and spiritual process.  It can enable a young person to discover his innate talents and passions and thus empower him to become more fully the person God intends him to be.  Salesian teachers root their work in the creative and transformative power of love – love for the life of the mind, love for lifelong learning, and of course, love for their students.

Here are a few promises we make to our community:

  • We will provide our young people with the fertile soil necessary for intellectual, spiritual, and social growth by creating a culture of high expectations in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • We will foster an atmosphere of respect and trust in the classroom and on campus so that our students can take the risks necessary to dream and achieve.
  • We accept the sacred responsibility of being role models for our young men and will thus conduct ourselves at all times with a commitment to integrity and virtue.  
  • We will seek to continually expand our own knowledge and skills so that we can be engaging and dynamic educators for our students.

While a Catholic, Salesian education can enable one to unlock his most inner dreams and talents, it must also ultimately remind us of our interconnectedness.  Education takes place in a communal setting and is a celebration of our ability to help each other stretch our minds and hearts beyond our individual wants and needs.  A quality education reminds us that we are in this life together and appeals to our love for all that is good to elevate our common humanity.

Please know that you are always welcome here at Salesian. Join us in our mission to love, teach, and inspire our young men, families, and community.


Mark Johnson