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iPad Collection & School Email Address

iPad Collection

iPads and chargers are to be returned to the Technology Department on the assigned dates as specified. Any outstanding issue(s) with your iPad, such as cracked screens or damaged dock ports, must be reported before the date listed above.

  • $30 for a missing school iPad USB cable and power adapter (iPhone or 3rd party chargers will not be accepted…it must be a school-issued product: Apple and/or Amazon)
  • $20 if only the school-issued iPad USB cable is missing
  • $20 if only the school-issued power adapter (brick) is missing
  • $150 if the iPad has a cracked screen
  • $500 if the iPad has been stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair

If any of the Apple items listed above are not brought in, or replaced, then a payment or payments must be made to the Finance Office.


Senior Gmail Account

All senior gmail (Mustangsla) accounts will be deactivated on August 1st. Students are strongly encouraged to remove and transfer all of your contacts, digital files, and/or photos from your school email account. In addition to that task, if you have registered your Mustangsla email address to any subscriptions or outside website, make sure to re-register those accounts with a new email address.