Christian Service

A component of the Religious Studies Department is the requirement of twenty-five (25) hours per year of active ministry in the community. A total of one hundred hours is necessary for graduation. The required twenty-five hours per year may be completed at any time during the year, but must be completed before summer. The student then has until the beginning of the following school year to fulfill the requirement.

Service objectives are combined with our Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs) and keywords from the Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy

  • Belonging: Comfort & Give
  • Learning: Counsel & Instruct
  • Reflecting: Comfort, Counsel, Forgive, & Pray
  • Celebrating: Give & Visit

Bishop Mora Salesian High School’s Campus Ministry Office has partnered with MobileServe for tracking and reporting Christian Service Hours. Students can log their hours onto a handheld device (iPhone or Android) or by the use of an iPad, laptop, or desktop.


Download The App

Students can sign up for an account at MobileServe’s website following the steps below.

Students may also access MobileServe from the app on an iPad, iPhone, or Android that has internet access such as a laptop or desktop via the website. 


Downloading the app to your cell phone is also encouraged, as this will allow students to submit service hour logs right on site after finishing your volunteering. 


Creating An Account

  1. Open the MobileServe app or go to the website ( and select Sign Up.
  2. Enter your full name, date of birth, and create a password. For the “Employer/School” box, enter Bishop Mora Salesian and for the “Email” box enter your Salesian student email address ( ACCOUNTS MUST BE CREATED UNDER THE NAME OF THE SALESIAN STUDENT. 
  3. Select Next
  4. Add an optional (appropriate) photo to your profile.
  5. Select Next
  6. Click on the box at the top that says “Enter Org Code.” Each Salesian class has a corresponding 6-digit code that must be entered when you sign up, so you are assigned to your specific class and in the Bishop Mora Salesian system. If you do not enter this code, you will not be able to access the Bishop Mora Salesian MobileServe online system, in which case your service hours will not be approved. The class codes are listed below for each grade level. 


Seniors - Class of 2022: FCEC10

Juniors - Class of 2023: D91982

Sophomores - Class of 2024: B72BE1

Freshmen - Class of 2025: 12D978

7. After you have entered the class code, select Join.